Light and airy, Dulux Colour of the Year 2022, Bright SkiesTM, brings a breath of fresh air to any home. The colour works well with other trending colours and brightens up every room seamlessly.

Throughout recent events, we have seen how the role of the home has been transformed as we spent more time indoors. We have witnessed how essential nature is in our lives; how creativity and the arts have brought us comfort and inspiration during lockdown; and how important it is to embrace new ideas and opinions as we try to shape the world for the better.

When choosing the Dulux Colour of the Year, design experts took all this onboard to understand the mood of the moment to find a colour that represents the current ambience we desire in our homes. This process led to the conclusion that we needed ‘a breath of fresh air’ from our spaces in 2022. This feeling was encapsulated in the shade Bright SkiesTM. The light and airy blue shade feels vibrant, optimistic and good for the soul. A colour that can open up and revitalize our homes.

Let’s take a look to see how the colour Bright SkiesTM can refresh the spaces around you.


Bring nature into your dining room

If you wish to transform your dining room to have a more open ambience, consider fresh greens and blues to bring the positive effects of nature into the space. The colour of the Year Bright SkiesTM combined with light, natural tones will bring the outdoor feel in, helping us feel more in touch with nature.


Refresh your workspace

Dulux Colour of the Year 2022, Bright SkiesTM, makes the perfect backdrop for busy everyday life, giving an airy feeling of limitless space to any room. Its light blue tone can bring clarity in a busy home, as well as a welcome connection to nature. Used around windows, Bright SkiesTM can also help to pull in the feeling of fresh air and maximise daylight. When combined with light, uplifting tones it also creates a vibrant space to live, work and relax in.


Create a welcoming entrance 

Dulux’s Bright SkiesTM is the perfect shade to create a soothing space. Great for any entrance or hallway as it gives off a welcoming feel. In fact, painting walls with a colour like Bright SkiesTM in the lower half and a lighter tone above will not only boost the feeling of height as the eye is drawn upwards but also add a visual interest to the space. This split will make your space feel more open.


Add a fresh feel to your kitchen

Give your kitchen a new lease of life with the shade Bright SkiesTM. Not only does this airy, light and revitalizing shade bring freshness, it will also boost daylight, making your kitchen feel more open. Combining soft neutrals and warming tones will result in a space that feels fresh, comfortable and consoling.


Want to refresh your home with Dulux’s Bright SkiesTM ? Visit us today to get inspired by this shade and the many other Dulux colours available.

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