As we all hunker down and spend more time indoors you may be looking for ways to keep busy as a family. We’ve come up with four fun activities to do at home that will not only help pass the time but also spark creativity. Are you ready to tap into your artistic side?

1. Tie-dye fun

We have recently seen tie-dye make a comeback in the fashion world. Whether you’re looking for an enjoyable DIY activity or wish to add a little colour to your family loungewear this could be a fun activity to experiment with. Inspiration on colours and patterns is limitless, you could even experiment with markers and allow your kids to add their own sketches or personalised words on the finished product.

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2. Puzzles with a difference

We have all reached for our puzzles to keep busy during this pandemic. As we go into our second partial lockdown we may be looking to try something different. Have you heard of 3D puzzles? This is a fun activity to do as a family to challenge your minds and also spark creativity as you can add colour to the puzzle. Use markers to paint the puzzle and end up with a final product that your kids will surely want to leave on display!

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3. Spruce up mundane items

With most activities cancelled, this is the perfect time to add some character to the items your family use on a daily basis. Why not design a gym bag that will stand out when dance lessons and football sessions are back in full swing? In fact, why stop there? You could work together on designing a water bottle with your favourite characters and patterns. You could even add some humour to your breakfasts and decorate some fun egg cups.

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4. Find your inner artist

Painting with outlines is a new activity we’re sure you’ll enjoy! It is similar to the popular painting by numbers but this time you can be more creative with colour and mediums. Choose from a variety of outlines printed on canvas and then feel free to finish the masterpiece in your own style. The activity not only challenges your artistic skills but it also keeps your mind distracted as we look for some peace in all the chaos this pandemic has created. There are outlines available for both children and adults so it is something the whole family can do together.

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We hope these activities give you some inspiration on new ways to keep busy and creative while indoors. We will be back next week with more activities for you to try!

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